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XtraBits is a one of a kind, simple and trusted faucet site that allows you to generate tokens, that can be converted to digital assets. These assets are very well known since the beginning of Bitcoin, and can be traded or exchange to regularized and licensed Digital Exchange or Wallets.

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  • What is Faucet?

    Faucet is a website or app that allows visitors to claim tokens or digital coins that are widely used to trade or exchange to fiat currency. With a required duration of time and limit, you must solve recaptcha, which is widely used to protect sites from artificial human. This site provide 4 different Faucet.

    Manual Faucet Energy Covert Faucet Energy to Spin the Wheel Faucet Mad Faucet
  • Sponsored Links

    Sponsored Links are 3rd party Faucet Features that revenualitized through the site's users who perform this feature. Users are getting more rewards than the site owner in terms of revenue splitting according to someone's sponsored link the site have chosen to work with. Users may will visit some pages to see sponsor link ads.

    Users need to complete and returned to the site's original page and rewarded with tokens.

  • Site Ads

    Faucet sites also display on-page ads where users will view specific number of seconds, and get rewarded. These type of ads are on i-frame, means it is viewed inside the site. These ads are advertised by its own users that wish to get referrals from other similar platform.

  • Leaderboard

    The more you perform, the chances you be on one of the top lists in leaderboard. It unlock weekly rewards that perform in the site on specific features. These Features are listed below.

    Top performing in sponsored links Top 15 in Referrals Top 15 in Offerwalls Top 15 in Faucet Claims
  • Daily Achievements

    Unlock Rewards Daily by completing required number of tasks and completion in one of the features. Its an extra additional Reward features that you can do by completing one of the features. Here are some lists below is unlockable in daily achievements.

    Faucet Claims Sponsored Links Ads View Lottery
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