Extra Bits of click brings opportunity and rewards.

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XtraBits-Auto is run from a script developed by theWalkingDev and his team, a one of a kind where it is continually updated and developed to outperform other scripts through the basic common script functionality, from what they called a “Faucet Script”.


XtraBits-Vie is run from a script developed by Tung, one of the most popular script with 34 times 5-star review in Codester. Because of its good features, it currently has more than 200 Downloads or more.


ExpressCrypto is genuinely one of the most trusted Wallet for small transactions.  It supports a total of 30 Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. 


The most popular Micro-wallet today, currently supports 13 Cryptocurrencies, where as its been carefully selected for its users needs.

Themes and Templates



Since I start getting to know about blogging and using WordPress.org as a CMS structure to my site(It is quite the most recommended), and tried so many different templates which are most of them really are the preinstalled when you install wordpress, just lately, I am sticking with WP ASTRA with combination of...


Starter Templates is one of the most amazing plugin that you can use to grab a premade templates. When I was just started to create and run my own site, I have been so stuck finding not the best, but makes me more comfortable moving around those elements to make my site look better. But with Starter Template....


ELEMENTOR is a plugin that gives you almost everything to build and create your own site template. They are mostly compatible to any premade tempaltes that allows you to convert its block to be moved and edit freely including its content. I have been using the free version and I am very satified with it...

Code and Scripts

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