Best Rewarding App for every Click. Get Rewarded with Cryptocurency, completing Tasks, Offers, Sponsored Links, and regular Faucet + added Bonus on every level Unlocked.


Our Payment Processors

  • FaucetPay.io Instant

    FaucetPay is one of the pioneer Micro-wallet that allows users to make the smallest transaction without fee possible.

    We Support Instant Withdrawal to most coins listed in FaucetPay Available.

  • Coins-Ph 24h

    Coins.ph is the first Digital Currency Wallet in the Philippines. We only support payments that are verified user of Coins.ph

    We support BTC and PHP Withdrawals.

  • Coinbase 24h

    Coinbase is one a US based wallet, available to every region. Trusted and secure. We sent verified Coinbase users.

    We support SHIBA Transaction and will be adding more soon.

  • Payeer Instant

    Payeer is one of the best wallet, that supports multiple currency. USD is our base currency for payeer, and send payments instantly.



# Username Method Amount
3806 Sidra123 0.01443 USD
3805 komodo 0.0158 USD
3804 Sidra123 0.015798 USD
3803 Raja1212 0.014452 USD
3802 michelinkan 0.0142 USD
3801 zazaahmed 0.027632 USD
3800 ahmed246 0.02005 USD
3799 Delanaya 0.011778 USD
3798 Munzir1234 0.061 USD
3797 futuretechno 0.0104 USD
3796 Ghowield 0.288353 USD
3795 Shafiei58 0.3 USD
3794 Shafiei58 0.034863 USD
3793 khalidkhk 0.0103 USD
3792 mohamadyvvv 0.02251 USD
3791 cre4tor 0.378091 USD
3790 Dalazius 0.341716 USD
3789 mohamadyvvv 0.03692 USD
3788 Saithira 0.289788 USD
3787 Delanaya 0.332234 USD
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